Okinawa’s cherry blossoms'(Hikan cherry blossoms/Kanhi cherry blossoms) cherries bear fruit

 Okinawa’s cherry blossoms:Hikan-zakura, bloom from January to March, earlier than mainland cherry blossomss(Someiyoshino).

As you can see upper photo, there are tons of red and blakish fruits growing!

I’ve never seen the cherries in Okinawa.

The bright red ones must be sweet and delicious! But when I ate it… OMG it was so bitter.

The ripe ones were the darker ones. Tast like a bitter+sour plum, and smells cherry blossoms;)

Pour these cherries,suger and liqueur/Awamori which is Okinawa’s sake can make fruits wine!

My father-in-law can’t wait to make and drink it;)